FANUC collaborative robots

FANUC presented the CRX-5iA, CRX-20iA/L and CRX-25iA collaborative robots, the latest additions to its CRX series which already included the CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L collaborative robots.

The latest CRX cobots are intended to complement the existing line of cobots for handling products from 4 to 25 kg.

FANUC's CRX line of cobots is designed for a variety of applications, including inspection, machine loading/unloading, packaging, palletising, sanding, welding and more. CRX cobots can detect external forces in the workspace and stop safely upon contact with a person or object. This technology allows the CRX to operate safely alongside people without the need for costly guarding.

All CRX Cobot models can be connected to third-party devices. The CRX website includes a comprehensive list of FANUC-approved CRX device suppliers for Cobot EOAT devices, grippers, accessories and add-ons.

FANUC will start shipping production units of the new CRX-20iA/L in April 2022. The CRX-25iA and CRX-5iA will be available in June 2022.