The new FANUC collaborative robot CR-14iA/L was presented a few months ago at the Hannover Messe
The latest model in the CR series (collaborative robots) combines the features of the CR-7iA and CR-15iA models.
The CR-14iA/L has a payload capacity of 14 kg and a reach of 820 mm although this can be extended to a maximum of 911mm if the maximum payload used is 12 kg. In this robot the proven mechanics of the CR range have been combined with a highly sensitive sensor. The result is a safe and efficient robot.
The CR-14iA/L is essentially a version of the CR-7iA with a longer arm. The increased load capacity has been achieved through slight mechanical modifications and adaptation of software parameters. Within the FANUC collaborative robot range, the CR-14iA/L is a smaller version of the CR-15iA (with a payload of 15 kg and a reach of 1441 mm). The repeatability of the 6-axis robot is ± 0.1 mm.
The maximum working speed is 500 mm/sec. The decisive factor, as in all collaborative robots, is the maximum contact force. In this respect, the CR-14iA/L meets all safety specifications. The design of the gripper and the shape of the workpiece are fundamental aspects in reference to the working speed.
FANUC's philosophy is not only based on "Service First" but also on an important pillar "Safety First". The robot is controlled by the R-30iBPlus controller in its Mate Cabinet version.
The combination of the CR-14iA/L with mobile platforms (AGVs) is already a reality in Japan and is planned for the European market.
As with other FANUC robots, the CR-14iA/L can be used in a variety of applications.
Its kinematics, flexibility and design optimization allow the CR-14iA/L to work closer to its base, making more efficient use of available space and making this robot the ideal solution for applications where available space is a challenge.