We integrate all the necessary machinery to automate your end of line.


We carry out the engineering of the project in its entirety, component design, integration of peripheral machinery, process automation, etc.

You will have only one contact person for the entire project.

We are integrators of the best brands in the market.

Peripheral machinery


Automatic forming and sealing machines for serial formats

Forming machine SMPF144

  • Box alignment: by means of pneumatic brackets
  • Dosing boxes: photoelectric cell
  • Storage capacity: 150 boxes (optional 300 boxes)
  • Consumption: 20-30 liters maneuver
  • Vacuum pump: 0.75 HP to 220/380 and capacity 27 m3/hour
  • 2 Geared motors: 0.18 HP 220/380 v
  • Boxes towed: side
  • Sealing unit: 1 K-11-50 mm OPTIONAL: 1 K-12-75 mm.
  • Epoxy powder baking
  • Protection and safety screens
  • User and maintenance manual, with spare parts list and CE certificate

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Peripheral machinery


Automatic sealing machines for serial formats.


Automatic Sealing Machine SM11

The model SM11 is an automatic sealing machine with manual adjustment. For this reason, it is used for long productions with the same box dimensions. The machine is designed to automatically apply a strip of "C" adhesive tape to the top and bottom of the boxes. Its adjustment is intuitive, simple and fast.
A stainless steel version is available for use in high humidity environments or in contact with corrosive products.

SA11 and SA11 / 4
These machines are supplied with a switch to control the movement of the upper recording unit thanks to a system of pneumatic pistons.

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Peripheral machinery


LOW PRODUCTIONS: up to 45 pallets/hour (other models up to 150 pallets/hour)

  • Maximum quality, high performance and minimum maintenance.
  •  More balanced system than the rotary plate: less wear and maintenance.
  • Wrapping with static load: the film rolls rotate around the load.
  • Guaranteed film savings: 300% film pre-stretch 1 m of film becomes 4 m
  • Finishing without film glues thanks to the efficient cutting and welding system.
  • Self-adjusting tension control according to the profile of the load
  • Possibility of applying efficient anti-dust and rainproof wrapping.
  • Possibility of baling at ground level.
  • Possibility of applying bands at any height of the load.

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Case labeling machine

Peripheral machinery



We integrate case labelers such as the 2200 series with label printing and application. The 2200 series makes it possible to print labels and place them on boxes simply or on multiple sides, in the corner or on the front of a package.

The 2200 series have excellent performance and reduce downtime considerably with a high application speed of more than 150 packages per minute.

They offer full traceability, even with ANSI grade A and B compliant codes, and you can choose from a variety of label application methods to suit your needs.

The user interface based on Markem-Imaje's CoLOS management software allows you to select labels from a local or remote data source and view actual production data on a large touch screen.

The 2200 Series consists of thousands of units installed in demanding 24/7 environments, providing reliability, efficiency and ease of use.

The 2200 Series is high-tech and designed to be highly sustainable; it offers a wide range of interchangeable applicators and allows to optimize intervention.

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Pallet Labeler
Pallet labeling

Peripheral machinery



The 2200 series print and apply systems are used to identify pallets in increasingly automated environments.

The 2200 series pallet system can be easily integrated into any production line, providing exceptional print quality and accurate label application for labeling that fits the entire supply chain.

Improve inventory control, logistics flows and secure pallet identification in the unfortunate event of a product recall.

The 2200 pallet labeling machine offers perfect traceability with optional inline barcode validation and high performance printing in single or double label application.

Designed to maximize your uptime with a simple, easy-to-use interface and several key features that reduce line interruptions while ensuring operator safety with an automatic stop function. With Markem-Imaje's CoLOS software package dedicated to pallet management, each pallet has a unique code that allows it to be tracked from the moment it leaves the production line until it arrives at its final destination.

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Peripheral machinery


Standard checkweigher and inspection system for high level quality assurance

The checkweighers of the Bizerba CWEmaxx series are used in the food industry mainly for medium and high throughputs. In the non-food sector, they are used in high-performance lines and in cases where nominal weights of up to 15 kg are tested.
The integrated VARICON metal detector turns the dynamic CWEmaxx checkweigher into a complete inspection system that meets the requirements of HACCP, IFS, BRC and beyond.
The combined, verifiable equipment optimizes quality assurance. They control the flow of packages, categorizing and classifying products on the basis of freely defined or legally specified weight classes. Packages with an incorrect weight or contaminated with foreign bodies are automatically diverted.

Scope of application

  • With its high protection rating of IP 65 and its open, rugged stainless steel construction, the CWEmaxx checkweigher is ideal for use in the fresh produce and production sectors.
  • A variant with protection class IP 54 is available for use in the dry or non-footprint environment.
  • The CWEmaxx model is particularly interesting for manufacturers of
  • Frozen products
  • Ready meals
  • Meat and sausages
  • Dairy products
  • Non-Food Products

Main features

  • Output: up to 400 products/min.
  • Weighing ranges: 10 - 15000 g
  • Max. speed: 170 m/min
  • Colour touch screen from 12″
  • Degree of protection: IP 65
  • Quick change system for belt body and belt
  • Online display and evaluation of data with _statistics.BRAIN (optional)

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