INGETECH ROBOTICS installs a new Palletizing Cell for 3 production lines.

The cell incorporates:

  • Robot FANUC M410iC/315 with payload of 315 Kg
  • Multipurpose Claw
  • Fixed reinforced steel pedestal
  • Layer forming conveyors
  • Pallet Transport System
  • Wrapping machine for 45 pallets/hour

It is a full layer palletizing cell that uses the SORTER technique for its shaping, incorporating for each of its lines a modular belt conveyor that in a single element performs the tasks of transporting, turning and justifying boxes.

The solution is complemented by a layer forming table with a full layer squaring system and a crenellated system to facilitate picking.

This allows the palletizing of different types of mosaics. In the application we have programmed 18 different mosaics.

We have designed the claw to fit the application in order to carry out the following processes:

  • Feeding of empty pallets to be palletized
  • Laying of base cardboard
  • Full-layer picking with bottom claws and press paddles
  • Placement of intermediate cartons or interleaves.

The new palletizing cell has meant a notable increase in the company's productivity, while at the same time it has managed to unify the palletizing of the 3 existing production lines.